30 April 2010

someone else who loves black and red (and white) here

29 April 2010

hair bows

i think a hair bow is a lovely accessory. but then, everything looked good on BB

speaking of blogs...

hirshleifer's in manhasset, n.y. has put marie turnor in their blog... speaking of black and red...

28 April 2010

I love black and red

my via bag for marie turnor accessories

joan chen - red lips and black hair, yum

check out domus ny

black and red is my favorite color combination. black and white is my second. the first lady's choice was not a good one though.

Fog on a Country Road.

Fog on a Country Road.
Originally uploaded by BamaWester
A beautiful country road in France and a beautiful country road in L.A. Guess which is which.

What not to wear

One should always be mindful of one's figure when dressing in the morning. This woman needs a new bra. This would lift her boobs and give her a more slender waistline. As well, this color is all wrong for a full body. The reason is obvious, no one wants to see what appears to be a naked fat lady.

27 April 2010

Well, some anyway.

I think that young men's fashion in Japan is cool, even for women.

My first post

I've decided to start a blog. Not because I think that what I have to say is so important, but it seems to be the thing to do these days. I like some other blogs and maybe some will like mine. Just filled with ideas and opinions and some nice pictures. And who is Marie Turnor, anyway? More to come...