27 April 2011


props to bleach black via mohawk.
marie turnor says thank you.
and thanks to highsnobette too. mt loves the attention.

18 April 2011


this is a special marie turnor picnic clutch

it's made from an iridescent platinum leather that is not available any longer.
now it is even more exclusive.it is signed by the one and only taki183!
taki himself signing autographs. if you lived in nyc in the 70's you know his signature. i believe he was the first tagger, at least the first i was aware of. his tag was everywhere in ny, literally everywhere.
an exclusive mt picnic clutch signed by taki 183!

these pictures are of the city within MOCA Geffen Contemporary built by Steve Powers aka ESPO and crew.

the show has lots of other great street art including shepard fairey, basquiat, banksy, etc. of course the museum also removed a mural by blu that they considered too controversial, but that's another story.

13 April 2011


i hope it's not too warm on my birthday, because this is what i plan to wear. my new dress from the talented alicia lawhon.

and this is how i plan to wear it. with a red picnic, of course. i haven't figured out the shoes yet. maybe the dries van notens from here.

05 April 2011


these beautiful images were shot by reed davis. enjoy looking at his site here.
i could live here

and here


i can't say that i've liked this series at all and kate winslet looks awful, but...

the cars are beautiful as are the sets.

this dumpy little office building was made into a glendale, ca home and mildred's restaurant. it still has all the fake plaster and looks a lot better than it did before the set people got there.

i love the cars! my dad took these pics. they shot all these exteriors in long island, ny right across from my parents home. it is in the background above. i've been trying to see their house in any of the shots on film, but its very well edited.

03 April 2011


the newest edition to the Picnic family of clutches. the little Snak bag... a wee baggie to take out with you when all you need is a bit of cash, your keys and lipstick...or maybe some string cheese ;-)

katie at mohawk

its hard to make out, but there's the Dinner clutch (top of photo) in the window at Mohawk General Store.