27 December 2010


doc martins are back

maybe they never left?

24 December 2010

21 December 2010


I just received my January issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Aside from the banal cover with a 14 year old model, the thing that bothered me was the use of animals in the Spring fashion spread.

How unimaginative and insensitive. Animal prints equals: use animals?

Such lack of imagination. Animals have been used for decades in fashion spreads, but haven’t we evolved enough to know that the other animals we share the earth with have lives and emotions too?

Most people looking at these pictures don’t realize the torment that animals go through when subjected to our human vanity games.

As a stylist I have been on a set where an owl had to be kept awake for hours in order to get a shot during the day. A room had to be kept at a certain temperature to keep a snake awake and a stick used to annoy it so that it would rise up.

Once on a shoot for a clothing company, the prop stylist bought a puppy from a pet store in a mall. The puppy happily played all day in the park feeling like he had found his family and then was returned to the pet store at the end of the day; like a pair of shoes that didn’t fit.

On a commercial set, hawks were made to fly across a fake moon, but they often couldn’t tell where they were flying and crashed repeatedly into the ceiling and then were forced to do it again.

In this issue of Bazaar, they use non-domesticated animals as props. Baby leopards, tigers, deer, rabbits, snakes. Where do these animals come from? What are they doing in a photo studio? A fashion magazine is not their habitat. Could this editor and photographer not come up with a novel idea? No. They resorted to the old “let’s use animals to illustrate these animal prints”. And the pictures are not even compelling.

The imaginations as well as the consciousness of those running this magazine are dead and wild animals can’t bring it back.

I love fashion. It doesn’t have to be shallow, insensitive and unaware, like Harper’s Bazaar.

do you see anything fabulous about these photos? i don't. i see an uncomfortable girl standing in an empty set with some out-of-place wild animals.

20 December 2010


carine roitfeld is leaving paris vogue. mon dieu! maybe she'll come here and improve american vogue. it could use a face lift.
she has a very sexy and rebellious fashion sense. more editorials here

or was she fired??? lots of speculation...here

15 December 2010


pantone says honeysuckle is the color of the year for 2011. i donno..

maybe this pink...here

cool cufflinks made with pantone colors
i don't mind this visa. pretty. here

08 December 2010


it's snowing in paris, the most beautiful city on earth

05 December 2010


carol, yeh and me

an extravagant yeh laser cut leather necklace

and carol carries trippen shoes!