09 October 2010


i quite liked this wine so i wanted to remember the name, but when i looked at it, the name seemed to ring a bell.
benvolio was a character in romeo and juliette. and i started to think about names. for instance elizabeth, a common anglo/american name has typical wasp roots; 'gift of god', etc.
in israel, for instance, names are often derived from nature. like, tamar, a girl's name which is a palm tree.
why don't we have more names like that? for instance, fir, for a boy or pine for a girl...okay i take it back - there's olive, rose, lilly, mrytle.
but i like the native american names like totsi (hopi for moccasins) or nita (choctaw for bear)or how about mituna, miwok name for 'wraps salmon in willow leaves'.
strong names.
i guess english just isn't very poetic.

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