12 May 2010

Coco Chanel

hair bow alert! COCO CHANEL

scene from coco before chanel

chanel look from the sartorialist

i finally saw Coco Before Chanel. audrey tautou was superb. chanel was such an incredible influence on fashion and on me in particular. she believed in comfort. she loved androgyny. even the CHANEL logo is a masterpiece of branding. simple, elegant, perfect.

contemporary CHANEL influences abound. here from the sartorialist in nyc.

here from j.crew

a sexy menswear look at martin clothes

j.crew jeans which leads me to...

a vintage classic revived- the 501

these levi 201's were found in an old mine and sold on ebay for $36,099. read about it here

and more great japanese men's fashion


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