31 May 2010


this is mavis, lead singer of the coquettes. she has amazing style. she loves black and white stripes and marie turnor. sometimes she makes her own clothes. she hates that people call her lady gaga - she's looked like this for a long time. lady gaga stole her life.

mavis is holding a turquoise picnic from here

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dealola said...

Happy day before your birthday, beauty! You know me-I don't care about hats, shoes, hair, nails, clothes okokok your bags are gorgeous.....but my main question is WHY ARE THERE TWO DOGHOUSES IF MY LOLA DIED?????? There cannot be a dog as charming as Lola-or as HUNGRY : )
and where did the orchid table go?
Does MavisMavisMavis not enjoy orchids?

You DO know how talented you are right?????? Happy Birthday, Love you, DeaLola-I know it is gross-but I miss Lola so I am incorporating her into my name. Free country so far!